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        Do You Know the Price of Silicone Machine

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        Silicone machine is also called liquid silicone rubber injection molding machine, using computer control, accurate measurement, stirring evenly. Using static mixer static pressure injection mode, with liquid or air control nozzle, confluence plate, injection tube. and nozzle is provided with cooling passage, which is convenient and simple to clean and reduces the waste of manpower and material resources. Today, Taifu Machinery will tell you the production of silicone machine products and the price of silicone machine.

        the price of silicone machine

        Silicone machine products is very broad, can be involved in various industries. Such as industrial, can produce silicone gifts, silicone kitchen utensils, silicone auto parts, etc.;Medical, can produce catheters, laryngeal mask, etc.; daily supplies, can produce toothbrushes, mobile phone case, etc.; baby aspect, can produce pacifier, toys and so on. The products produced by silicone machine are non-toxic, but also can do with food contact products and infant products. And the price of silicone machine should be more concerned about. As mentioned above, the product of silicone machine is with very high level of safety, so the quality requirements are very high. The current price of silicone machine is generally around 350,000 RMB.

        the price of silicone machine

        Taifu Machinery in the silicone machine research&production experience for 10 years, if you want to know more about the price of silicone machine, welcome to inquire!

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        Address: Fulong Yangwu Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

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