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        Vertical Injection Molding Machine Unable to Inject Treatment Method

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        The nozzle is a key part of vertical injection moulding machine. If there is a problem in the nozzle part, it will affect the operation of the whole vertical injection moulding machine or even suspend operation, directly affecting factory production. Today, I came to tell you what to do if the nozzle can't shoot plastic. Following is a brief analysis and solution:

        a) The nozzle is blocked by foreign bodies. Check whether the nozzle is blocked. Clean or replace nozzle.

        b) The parting nozzle is broken. Remove the flange to check whether the separating nozzle is broken. Replace the tap.

        c) The jetting direction valve is stuck. Check whether the directional valve has 24V voltage, coil resistance 15-20 ohms, if normal, the valve is blocked. Clean valve or replace direction valve.

        d) The injection piston rod is broken. Loosen the rubber piston rod tightener and check whether the piston rod is broken. Replace piston rod.

        e) The barrel temperature is too low. Check whether the actual temperature reaches the required melting point temperature of the material. Reset the barrel temperature.

        f) Injection piston oil seal damaged. Check whether the piston oil seal is broken. Replace the oil seal.

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        Address: Fulong Yangwu Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

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