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        Welcome to Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd. official website

        Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Focus on the production and manufacture of injection molding machine for 10 years, national high-tech enterprise

        South China:136-8666-5453

        East China:139-2550-8791

        • V200R2-2CVertical double color disc injection molding machine

        V200R2-2CVertical double color disc injection molding machine

        Contact usTEL:13686665453
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        Performance characteristics:

        1, Configure two upper molds on template, and two lower molds on disc, while molding disc do 180° positive and negative alternately. Bi-color (double material) injection molding (or over molding) can be completed.

        2, Vertical mold locking, external disc, and with two independent injection units (independent hydraulic circuit), the mold locking force from 55 tons to 250 tons, using full computer control, the low high hydraulic system, more suitable to produce general or special bi-color (double material) molding.

        3, Efficient disc with water jacket in the middle. It can be used for cooling and transporting water for the lower mold.

        4, The computer program can be extensive and special multi-station disc (namely two upper die, four lower die) and on the other two lower die cooperate with the automatic embedment and take-out device, can achieve full-automatic operation, increase production capacity.


        Contact: Manager Zeng

        Mobile phone:13925508791



        Address: Fulong Yangwu Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

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