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        Welcome to Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd. official website

        Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Dongguan Tai Fu Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Focus on the production and manufacture of injection molding machine for 10 years, national high-tech enterprise

        South China:136-8666-5453

        East China:139-2550-8791


        Contacts:Manager Zeng
        address:Fulong Yangwu Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

        history record

        Taifu Machinery after sale guarantee:

        24 hour maintenance service line

        We offer a 24 hour maintenance service line, and you can respond quickly to any problem within working days.

        [quality inspection and maintenance]

        Our professional and technical personnels will implement itinerant maintenance service based on itinerant service plan (every three months, one cycle) to ensure that your machine maintenance is in the best condition.


        [Quality warranty service ]

        We provide one year warranty period, in normal use, within one year of free parts and maintenance costs.


        [Adequate supply of parts]

        We guarantee to provide adequate and reasonably priced parts and reply to the quotation for parts or maintenance within a working day.


        [Customer satisfaction survey]

        In order to know the customer's use in the machine, we regularly send out the customer satisfaction questionnaire in addition to telephone visits to customers,  investigate and statistics the quality and after-sales service status of the machine, in order to improve the performance of the machine and the service quality of the personnel.


        Contact: Manager Zeng

        Mobile phone:13925508791



        Address: Fulong Yangwu Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Provice,China

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